Sunday, November 8, 2009

"Bloodless" President Obama...

As usual, it takes a British news outlet, the Daily Telegraph, to see and comment on things about our country and its morose commander-in-chief, that the state-controlled U.S. media is too ideologically-compromised to acknowledge.

Case in point: when the Muslim fanatic "Psych-Major" Hasan performed his jihad attack inside Fort Hood in Texas last week, Pres. Obama merely added this bit of unfortunate breaking news to his oratoric repertoire before his native American constituents, calculating that it was more expedient--and natural for him--to dole out political kudos (for another personal victory won!) first before commenting on an event that most likely seemed trivial and inconvenient to him when he was told about it.

Here is the article. Click here to read it.

While I don't pine for the days of Pres. George W. Bush, I do look forward to the inevitable and eventual "change" from the current administration, which pins its fragile "hopes" on the failed socialist utopian fantasies of the past.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Correction, Mr. President, REPUBLICANS Think for Themselves, DEMOCRATS 'Do What They're Told!'

Were it not for You Tube and the "democratic" nature of the World Wide Web, telling remarks like this one by our de facto president would go largely unnoticed.

So much for the "post-partisan" president of the 2008 election campaign.

Incidentally, that is not to paint ALL Democrats and ALL Republicans with the same broad brush. But when you compare "pure" (i.e., hard-line) Democrat politics with "pure" Republicanism, you find that the former is a COLLECTIVIST model based on group think, statism, majority rule and a militant egalitarianism within a non-moral, non-religious framework, while the latter reflects more of an INDIVIDUALIST mindset based on the Rule of Law, limited government and preservation of personal liberties (and responsibilities!) within a constitutional and conservative/religious framework, you see the reason for the disparity between these two warring philosophies.

In any case, getting elected to high public office is a lot like getting married. Once the courtship is over and the deal is done, the REAL candidate emerges, and the PHONY one that won over our hearts (and minds) is exposed as the pretender and deceiver that he is. (Except that some of us saw through the facade of demagoguery and empty leftist rhetoric and "elected" to let this one go.)

Pray for the safety and preservation of our constitutional republic--i.e., what the founding fathers ACTUALLY established in 1789. The corrupt, Chicago democratic party machine has unequivocally been NATIONALIZED by our community-organizer-in-chief and his cadre of maoist-marxist fellow travelers.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

And So the VETTING of President Barack Obama Continues--NINE MONTHS After His "Election", SEVEN MONTHS After His Inauguration!...

The Late, Great Birth Certificate Controversy of 2008-9 shows no signs of letting up. Rather, it continues to snowball and gather more steam as evidenced by the increasing amount of media attention it is receiving--from outlets other than the State-Run Media. Some of these outlets are dubious (like The Globe supermarket tabloid); others are simply independent organizations toiling in relative obscurity with a growing audience of disaffected readers flocking to them.

Naturally, due to the fact that mainstream media journalists have overwhelming chosen to recuse themselves from the venue of "real" investigative journalism and become essentially private-sector correspondents for the White House, the mantle of carrying out this gritty, thankless task of digging, digesting and disseminating "inconvenient truths" about our current, corruption-riddled president and his administration of strident left-wing extremists has largely fallen on "alternative media" (sort of like alternative medicine), i.e., the "New Media" outlets who brave the slings and arrows and ridicule of their Old Media counterparts.

Outlets like Matt Drudge, Worldnetdaily, Newsbusters and NewsMax are prime examples. Particularly WND, which continues to delve into the netherworld of legal documents, government records and myriad other literary artifacts in its efforts to get at the truth about the "Manchurian" president, Mr. Obama. Here is the latestWND article in that regard.

Though it looks now as though the purported Kenyan document recently publicized was a forgery, no matter. Obama and the marauding socialist juggernaut moves ahead at ramming speed. The Powers That Be have a timetable to be kept. They can't be bothered with trivial nuisances like grassroots, national public opposition! (witness the health care debate)

Stay tuned for further developments (especially when Congress reconvenes in September).

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Kenyan Birth Certificate Appears to Prove That, Indeed, President Barack Hussein Obama is Our First AFRICAN-AMERICAN President!

If this is real, I think it qualifies as a BOMBSHELL.

There are three images of a Kenyan birth certificate that appears to bear the names of Pres. Obama's natural parents.

Here are the images, along with Worldnetdaily's latest installment on this political obfuscation being perpetrated by the invisible and intractable Powers That Be lurking behind the "throne." (ordained by God to govern for now, but don't worry, He'll settle the score with them later!)

Obama's handlers will continue to do whatever they have to in order to keep their man in office, while they proceed to refashion America after the image of their 19th century gods, Marxism, Communism and Socialism.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Pres. Obama's "Compassionate CommieCare" Plan (CCCP) is Pure Sovietized, Collectivized, Marxist Medicine--and Probably UNCONSTITUTIONAL!...

No wonder the Obama administration is fast-tracking "health-care reform" on the heels of of the ungodly economic strangulus package.  It gives expanded federal control of the population--under the guise of enhancing and "improving" our existing medical system--unlike anything we've seen before, except in undemocratic, totalitarian regimes that ignore the constitutional rights of their citizens and usurp the 'rule of law').

Here is WND's article on the unconstitutional nature of this proposal (and of the so-called "Recovery and Reinvestment Act" that just passed).

If this is not "socialized medicine", then de facto President Barack Hussein Obama is not a radical revolutionary leftist with a political and ideological axe to grind.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

"A Prince Whose Character is Thus Marked by Every Act Which May Define a Tyrant, is Unfit to Be the Ruler of a Free People."

This Fourth of July/Independence Day, read through the Declaration of Independence (from which the title to this posting is quoted).

It will remind you afresh how much we need to get back to basics in our country, back to our constitutional, freedom-loving, liberty-defending--and GOD FEARING--roots.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Here's Why the All-Barack-Channel (ABC) Decided on MORE Jackomania Coverage Rather Than Airing John Stossel's Opposing Viewpoint on Obamacare...

Here's the reason. Are you ready?

It's because John Stossel does not agree with the government-run model of Obama's health care proposal!--which ABC cleared the deck for on June 24th in order to promote. 


John's not one of those State-Run Media lemmings prostrating themselves and licking the boots of the quasi-messiah from Kenya (so sorry, the president, who was born in Hawaii!).

Stossel has a long history as a contrarian journalist on ABC.  He's still a liberal, politically, though in the libertarian vein, rather than the bigoted, jingoistic vein of modern "establishment" liberalism.  He's definitely not a doctrinaire leftist like most of his cohorts. 

And certainly he's not a neo-communist/geo-marxist like the acting president and his cadre of cronies and corrupt bankster/handlers.

ABC says it will air John's piece at a later date.......unless, of course, another media-entertainment mega-superstar dies suddenly!