Sunday, November 8, 2009

"Bloodless" President Obama...

As usual, it takes a British news outlet, the Daily Telegraph, to see and comment on things about our country and its morose commander-in-chief, that the state-controlled U.S. media is too ideologically-compromised to acknowledge.

Case in point: when the Muslim fanatic "Psych-Major" Hasan performed his jihad attack inside Fort Hood in Texas last week, Pres. Obama merely added this bit of unfortunate breaking news to his oratoric repertoire before his native American constituents, calculating that it was more expedient--and natural for him--to dole out political kudos (for another personal victory won!) first before commenting on an event that most likely seemed trivial and inconvenient to him when he was told about it.

Here is the article. Click here to read it.

While I don't pine for the days of Pres. George W. Bush, I do look forward to the inevitable and eventual "change" from the current administration, which pins its fragile "hopes" on the failed socialist utopian fantasies of the past.

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